Monthly letter – March 2023 by Hasse Malmsten

Monthly letter – March 2023 by Hasse Malmsten

Social living is the best

As one of the members of the 2.4 community that has been around for the longest time in the history of the 2.4mR class – I ordered the plans for the Norlin Mk III from Peter Norlin in 1987 – I have been asked to contribute with a monthly letter. Those of you that has been around a couple of years may have stumbled across my comments through the years and know that I hold some strong opinions. I will try here to view the 2.4mR class from maybe some other angles than the usual.

Frustratingly I have been aware of different interests conflicting and diminishing the potential and possibilities for growth in the 2.4mR class ever since I entered the class in the end of the eighties.

Looking at it in the rear view mirror it seems that the conflict line in our community does not differ much from the conflict lines in the society as a hole. Self interest stands against the common good.

A number of different interests in our class can be identified. Builders/designers interest in monopolizing, sailors promoting their own career path, new designers/builders looking for a market for their attempts to compete and surely I have missed some others.

Due to the above described conditions that undoubtedly has diminished the potential for growth as well as lessened members feeling of being part of a thriving happy community I would like to promote the view that the main factor that glues any group gathered of free will together is the ability of it’s members to put the common good before self-interest.

How do you promote the common good then you may ask. I will try to point out some decisive factors that benefits all equally.

  • Predictability
    In order to invest both emotionally and economically in the class one needs to know what rules will apply in the foreseeable future and what vision is leading the community, in what direction it moves.
  • Fair play
    The leadership of the organization needs to lead by example and always act with full transparency without favoring any special interest at the expense of others and highlight the social aspects of being part of the community.
  • Democratization
    By using fleet organization, you can involve members more directly in decision-making and thus increase identification with our class. There are some good examples of this that we can    learn from, the Star class is prominent in this regard. Being part of the 2.4mR class can and should be more than just buying a boat adhering to the class rules and seek to win races.
  • Open class rule
    The meaning of the open class rule may be interpreted as an invitation to participate in the common quest and in friendly competition to step by step develop the 2.4mR yacht both in order to maximize accessibility and performance and thus increase it’s attraction to all sorts of sailors.

I believe that it would be a great step forward and away from conflicts if the leadership in dialogue with the membership could produce a document in the spirit of these lines. A common vision all can agree on irrespective of personal biases that emphasizes on what unites us, not what divides.

Hasse Malmsten, SWE 112

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  • Keith Gordon

    My personal view is wit the need for forward strategic planning for the class.
    It was obvious (to those who have worked with global organisations) that as soon as sailing was dropped from the Paralympics, we would not be back in.
    It does not meet the corporate need. At that point we should have been looking to the future of Para Sailing not waiting 6 years.
    As an aside I do not think sailing will be in the Olympics in 2032, again does not meet IOC future policy needs.
    Para Sailing in the 2.4 OD, have you been reading WS future policy, it was on their website. All boats will need to be exactly the same and probably manufacture supplied, so my guess forget the NOD.
    We need to plan for the future try and not make instant, unthought through ideas. We work with WS decsion will take at least a year.

  • Simon

    As always I have time to read and enjoy the words and thoughts of Hasse. Many in the fleet have taught me how to sail a 2.4, only Hasse has taken the time to share his considerable boat design knowledge and help me and many others improve our boat. You are a credit to the fleet.

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