Last regatta in 2023: AntwerpCityCup

Last regatta in 2023: AntwerpCityCup

For the sixth and final regatta in European Circuit The countdown begins in 2023. At the registration deadline there were 31 starters, which is the maximum limit for the lake and the harbor. The regatta has a long, gerGoodbye also international tradition. This time sailors are making an appearance BelGien, Germany, Frankreich, Great Britainitannie Irland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The strongest starting field is made up of the Germans (11), followed by Großbritannien (7), Franrich (6), Belgia (3), the Netherlands (2) and the Czech Republic and Irland each (1). This roughly reflects the size of the national class associations.

The big favorite is the multiple yougerin the AntwerpCityCup from Great Britannien (see the hiking prize above), which will probably start with a completely new construction for the first time. We can gespbe announced.

Megan Pescoe

We have a great one comingger Completion of the European Circuit 2023 ahead.

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