Monthly letter – May 2023 by Lutz-Christian Schröder

Monthly letter – May 2023 by Lutz-Christian Schröder

Action …

... freely translated, it means for me: to get moving. It is a well-known fact that movement enables development and advancement. We absolutely need this further development for our 2.4mR class . The class does not only consist of boats, but above all of people who meet to race these wonderful boats and also to spend good time together on land.

Since we are yes gerWhen we call it an inclusive class, I guess diversity is the order of the day – so we include a lot of different things. Diversity in terms of different individual possibilities, different boats of the same measurement formula, different countries and cultures, new formats and maybe much more. The main thing is that it brings us together and is fun. To reconcile all this requires competence, courage, tolerance and in the end... getting moving. Action..., just! I wish us all the spirit and the courage to get this diversity up and running, or rather on the water.

In this respect, I am happy about the idea of some of our European friends to dare something new under the title Action4Europe to organise challenging regattas and have good time together (with good food) at selected locations in Europe. Anyway, I am so taken with this project that the legendary Nevellüüchtregatta, which will be held for the 10th time this year, is also joining Action4Europe. I wish us all a good sailing summer and invite you already today to 30.09./01.10. to Plau am See.

Lutz Christian Schroeder GER 6
organizer of Nevellüüchtregatta from Plauer Hai Live

Photos: Moritz Rennecke and LC Schroeder

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  • Steve Bullmore

    Well written Lutz Christian! There is such a commonality in the thoughts that are now being expressed on this website. We need the whole class or even more sailors to see the sense in what is being written and above all felt and to be brave enough to stand up and support these feelings. Well done again Lutz Christian. Steve

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