Report Trophy at the European Circuit

Report Trophy at the European Circuit

At the regattas of European Circuit there will of course also be reports on the weather, the participants, the results, the supporting program, etc.; because that's what your friends, your family and certainly yourself expect.

So that we can get one participant to write the report at a time, we have the Report Trophy donated. The 5th overall wins this wonderful trophy and is allowed to write the report that is published on this website. Everyone can write in their mother tongue. The translation then takes place automatically into any desired European language.

In order to have the trophy available again at the next European Circuit Regatta, the challenge trophy may not be kept. Rather, it will be put back in the suitcase after the ceremonial handover at the prize-giving and a photo with the prize-winner and kept for the next regatta.

protected Report Trophy

However, the award winner will be entered into the Report Hall of Fame included on this website so that the name and photo will be preserved forever. If that isn't an additional incentive... 🙂

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