Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we look back on a year with many developments that we in Europe only know from history books and that we could not imagine in the worst horror scenarios for our lifetime. Covid 19, war, lack of energy, cold, food shortages, transport problems, armament - clear signs that we have to prepare for fundamental changes in our lifes.

In such a historical situation, cohesion among people is a particularly important support for our lifes. The view and the desires go in the direction of:

  • Let's deal with each other peacefully and respectfully.
  • Let's help each other when someone needs help.
  • Let's sail amicably together in whatever 2.4mR.
  • Let's have joy together on the water and on land.
  • And: stay healthy!

The photo of the beautifully decorated 2.4mR comes from Sabine Mohr and Michael Adam, who unfortunately no longer sail. Therefore, their boats are also available Sales.

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  • Lutz Christian Schroeder

    Detlef, I would like to join in with your good wishes - I think we will do everything together to ensure that they come true.

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